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Android Apps For Web Developer or Site Admins

Hello guys, Today I have come with some useful Android Apps for Web Developers. These are must have android apps for website admins. i personally use them when I’m outside. It’s really very helpful! Please note: All the download links are forwarded to google play store.   ConnectBot: ConnectBot is a SSH client for android […]

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government surveillance

Be Smart With The Government Surveillance

Have you heard of NSA or GHCQ mass Government Surveillance? They are spying on every one of us around the world! Would you mind if anybody is monitoring what you do on internet, read your email, Photos or Monitor your phone calls? So today I will show you some common Security Practices to protect your Privacy! […]

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android apps for kolkata

Android Apps for Kolkata to Make Daily life Easy & Safe

I do travel everyday through Buses and Trains here and there. And I have faced many problems like going in wrong routes and so on. So today I thought to write about some useful Android Applications which may help you make your daily life easy and safe. Please note: All download links are forward to […]

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What is Best, Static Website or CMS Based Website?

Before I say What is best Static website or CMS website, let me tell you few words about why Internet is so important. As we are stepping towered future, we’re more dependent on Technology and one of the most important Technology is Internet. Whether you run a small Business/Organization or big one, keeping in touch […]

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How To Keep Yourself Secure Over Internet

Dose Anybody Remember the Fappening incident? Recently the culprit of this incident was caught by FBI. If you have no idea what is this Fappening is all about, read the below section you’ll understand all. What is the Fappening Incident all about? In 2014, August 31st one of the biggest leak happened ever. There are […]

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How To Install Flash Player for Firefox in Linux

Flash player is really an important part for everyday Internet users. Well YouTube has moved to HTML5 based video player but still there are more websites where flash player is really important. Although adobe has quite newer release for It’s flash player for Linux Operating System after 11.2 version but it still provide security updates. […]

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